Porto hosted one of the most exciting EUSA championships this summer. Best basketball players fought for medals and to test themselves and their opponents before European Universities Games next year. Among them were three Milenković sisters, who play for the University of Zurich, Switzerland, that will play in front of their home crowd if they come and play at the EUG.

The eldest sister, Marjana, started the story of their sport story, and hers and her sisters first basketball steps. “Since I was nine years old I started practicing basketball, and soon after my sisters joined in. Kristina wanted to train karate and football, and Dijana´s main preoccupation was ballet. However, as she started to outgrow her peers she had to quit and dedicate herself to basketball. For our parents it was easier to sign us up for one sport and put us on “in one basket” as they like to say” – Marjana said through smile.

Who is the leader of the team is situation dependent. ” She never stops fighting and cheering the team and she can be an experienced coach when needed”, said Katarina (fourth player of the team) about Marjana. Middle sister Kristina is wise, she doesn´t speak much, calms down everyone on the court, and she is the most precise when she needs to be the most. Dijana, EUG 2018 best shooter at the 3×3 tournament, is creative, always has a lot of ideas to help the team grow. Katarina Barnjak is the fourth player of the team and they all fit in perfectly.

Basketball in Switzerland is not a number one sport, which lets 3×3 basketball a chance to grow faster. “Tournaments for 3×3 basketball are organized regularly and teams have a chance to gather points. This is another type of basketball, everything is different and all three of us love this sport in a specific way. Katarina understood that and she fits in perfectly with her knowledge, height and experience”, Marjana praised her teammate. “We played basketball in the same team, we know each other for a long time. She is like the fourth sister for us”.

Katarina, teammate of Milenković sisters, could only say nice things for her friends. “They accepted me as one of their own. I know how they function best and I know their mentality”, explained Katarina and added that on the field sometimes you cannot control your emotions – “Court is court, and after the game we are back together and get a long pretty good.”

Dijana, Kristina and Marjana were born in Zurich and if they come to EUG in Belgrade it is clear that they will play in front of their own crowd, because they have Serbian origin. All three said that it would be a dream come true for them – “However, it is not up to us, cause the Swiss University Sports delegations has to decide. We will give our best to play at the tournaments and qualify for the EUG. Our dream is to play in Belgrade in front of our own crowd” – excitingly said Dijana.

At the beginning of the tournament in Porto Dijana injured her ankle. Without her the rest of the team didn´t have enough strength to fight for a medal in Porta, and they don´t hide that their goal was to win one. “At the end I didn´t care about success as much as I love to play with my sisters and Katarina. No one can take us that feeling” with a friendly smile Dijana concluded the interview.

However, they didn´t go home empty handed because Marjana Milenković was awarded with the Fair-Play Award.

We hope that Dijana, Kristina and Marjana, sisters born in Zurich, will have the opportunity to play in front of their crowd at the European Universities Games in Belgrade next summer and achieve their goal by winning a medal.