Serbia is well known organizer of major sport events and each year all around the countries some European or World Championships in various sports are organized. Connection between European University Sports Association and the host of fifth European Universities Games next year will be 19 years old. That is how much time has passed since the first EUSA championship held in Serbia.

European Universities Championships in volleyball in Užice was opened on September 19th 2001 and it was the first ever championship organized in Serbia as well as the first EUSA championship ever organized. Together with that event five cities in Serbia hosted total of 10 European Universities Championships in eight different sports.

Not long after it, Serbia again got the opportunity to host best student-athletes because Novi Sad hosted European Universities Championships in Basketball. Interesting thing is that gold medals on both events stayed in Serbia. University of Užice and University of Novi Sad took gold in Užice, and University of Belgrade and University of Novi Sad were best in Novi Sad.

Another city got the chance to host EUSA event in 2005. Best football players met in Niš at the third European Universities Championships. University of Caen is the first non-Serbian University that took the gold medal.

Novi Sad again, on the following year (2006) again hosted best European student-athletes. This time, they were futsal players as they met at the third European Universities Futsal Championships.

Novi Sad and Niš were hosts of two European Universities Championships in 2008. That was the only case that two EUSA events were organized in Serbia in the same year. Vojvodina again, after 2003 saw best basketball players, while South of Serbia saw best handball players.

Third time Niš hosted best student-athletes in 2009, because it hosted the third European Universities Championships in Table Tennis. Only six cities organized more EUSA events than Novi Sad and Niš.

Next two European Universities Championships that Serbia had the privilege to organize in the heart of Šumadija. Kragujevac first hosted best volleyball players, and four years later best 3×3 basketball players.

Last city that was organized in Serbia and the last championship organized in our country was held in 2017 when Subotica, at the beautiful Palić lake hosted European Universities Rowing Championships.

With 10 championships organized, Serbia is on the fifth place with the most EUSA events which says enough about the experience and the knowledge to organize European Universities event at the highest level. Belgrade will host the fifth edition of European Universities Games that will, we hope, be remembered as the biggest event ever in the history of European university sport.