Impressions from the exciting EUSA Championships are settling down and as we wait the last European Universities Championship in Rowing, that will take place in Jonkoping in Sweden, it is time to sum all twenty competitions that are behind us and see who can we expect to be potential favorites at the European Universities Games in Belgrade that will take place from July 12-25 2020.

Last few months we saw exactly 400 medals given to students from 215 universities from total of 30 countries. Having in mind that rowing has a lot of categories there is a chance that the list will be even longer at the beginning of September.

University of Zagreb, together with Hungarian Institute for Physical Education are running the list of universities with the most gold medals won, because both universities are richer for five new gold medals.

University of Strasbourg and University of Nottingham are close because their students took home four gold medals. Students from Nottingham will for sure improve their score at the last European Universities Championship, because students from Great Britain have to be considered favorites due to long University rowing tradition.

Three gold medals went to students of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology from Zurich (Switzerland), University of Malaga (Spain), National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and sport (Ukraine), National and Kapodistrian Uniresity of Athens (Greece) and University Palacky Olomouc (Czech Republic).

University of Zagreb is also at the top of the list of universities with the most gold medals won, because total of 17 medals went to the students from the Croatian capital. Only other University that won more than 10 medals is Swiss Federal Institute for Technology from Zurich. Their students won 11 medals in total.

Third place goes to University of Strasbourg with nine, while boys and girls from Nottingham have one medal less than them.

University of Physical Education from Hungary, University of Malaga, Charles University (Czech Republic), University of Minho (Portugal) and University of Saint Cyril and Methodius from Northern Macedonia took home six medals.

When we sum up number of medals won by universities from the same country, Ukraine would be clear at the top of the list. Students from total of 30 Universities across Ukraine can say that they won at least one medal, and combined they are richer for 49 medals (17 gold, 11 silver and 21 bronze)

Second place would go to France and Germany as they both had 23 universities at the podium at least once. French universities won total of 41 medals and they are right behind Ukraine, and German universities have 26 medal, and out of them only one was gold, won by University of Applied Science from Dusseldorf.

Poland with 19 and Spain with 17 different universities took fourth and fifth place. However, as they both have 30 medals both countries are in front of Germany if we look number of medals won by a single country.

And where are Serbian universities? Good news is that almost every University that represented Serbia made to at least one medal. University of Novi Sad was the best, as they won the only gold medal won by a University from Serbia, along with two silver medals. University of Belgrade can brag with one silver and one bronze medal on their count, and University of Niš is richer for one new bronze medal.

We can say that Serbia as a country is in the “golden middle” because combined total of six medals is enough to take 18th place and there is a lot of room for improvement. We hope that home court and the audience can be the advantage needed to win more medals at the fifth European Universities Games next year.