Dear participants of the 5. European Universities Games,

We are looking forward to your arrival in Belgrade and we hope you will enjoy the traditional Serbian hospitality and the people who will make your stay be full of impression. As a national carrier and partner of the 5. European Universities Games, we would like to present the benefits that will make your arrival in Republic of Serbia as affordable and comfortable as possible. Our goal is to provide you with the easiest way to secure tickets for all members of your teams or delegations (athletes, referees, delegates, etc.) and to purchase them on preferential terms.

You are able to request an offer at any time until July 31, that includes discount for all direct flights from your departure point to Belgrade. These flights will be realized in the period from July 5 until July 31, 2020. Tickets can be purchased only through the website: By clicking on the link or the banner, the 5. European Universities Games participants have the opportunity to create more favorable conditions for flights to Belgrade operated by the Serbian national carrier.

It is important to emphasize that the best deal, which allows the highest discounts, is intended for those who decide to buy tickets by the March 10. Afterwards, from March 11 until April 30, there will be a period that will provide significant benefits to the ones who use this opportunity, while from May 1 until May 31, the conditions will be slightly better than economics’ price. All of participants that decide to buy tickets in the period from June 1 until July 5, will not be able to use this kind of offer.

The procedure for buying and issuing a ticket is very simple. After clicking on the banner and accessing the web page, it is necessary to enter your departure destination and the Belgrade as the final arrival point. This is followed with entry of the travel period, which needs to be between July 5 and July 31, in order to immediately calculate your discount and allow you to buy a ticket. Discounts are not applicable to promotional prices.

We wish you a pleasant arrival and stay in Belgrade!

Air Serbia

For purchasing the ticket, please visit this LINK