European University Sports Association welcomed five members of the European Universities Games Organizing Committee and during the visit meetings were held as a part of the preparation for the European Universities Games next year.

Less than 300 days are left before the beginning of the EUG 2020 and the main purpose of the meeting was the progress report made in different sectors of the organizing committee. Due to that, delegation from Belgrade was consisted from the EUG2020 General Director Mr. Predrag Jušković, Deputy General Director Ms Anita Dobre, Project Manager Mr Dragan Atanasov, Head of Sports Ms Ana Todorić and Head of Venues Mr Akim Komnenić.

EUSA was represented by the Executive Committee Member Mr Milan Zvan, Secretary General Mr Matjaz Pecovnik, Sports Manager Mr Besim Aliti, Communications and Projects Manager Mr Andrej Pisl, Education and Development Manager Ms Sara Rozman, Assistant Sports Manager Mr Liam Smith and Communications Officer Mr Fabio De Dominicis.

Meeting addressed the general progress made by the organizing committee, and discussion was about the activities, structure, employees, budget and the project management. Attention was then turned to the organization of educational activities during the EUG next year, and the venues where the Games will take place.

After the conclusion of the first part of the meeting, delegation had the chance to visit EUSA Office and after a short visit to Ljubljana and a lunch, communication was continued and the topic was Media and Communication Strategy and activities planned for the recruitment of the necessary number of volunteers.

At the end, Serbian delegation held a presentation regarding sports management, with the discussion regarding dates for certain sports, venues where the competitions will take place, number of teams per sport and the EUG logistics, which concluded the visit.

To serve as a reminder, Belgrade will host more than 5000 participants that will compete in 21 sport at the fifth European Universities Games that will take place from July 12-25 2020.