Fifth European Universities Games will be the second largest sport event ever held in Serbia. Around 6000 athletes will compete in 22 sports, which is the biggest number ever seen at the EUSA competitions.

European University Sports Association in November will celebrate their 20th birthday. That is how much time passed since 25 National University Sports Associations in Wien decided that a European organization should be founded. Today, two decades later EUSA has 46 members in total and only Luxembourg, Andorra, San Marino, Vatican and Monaco are not part of the European family of sports.

First European Universities Championship under EUSA was opened on September 19 2001 in Užice, Serbia. Since than, 163 championships were organized and the number will increase in September, when European Rowing Championships in Jonkopping concludes.

This Swedish town and the Polish city of Bydgoszcz are cities number 100 and 101 that hosted best student athletes. Most Championships were organized in Nicosia (Cyprus), Nancy (France), Camerino (Italy) and Coimbra (Portugal) with five events.

Coimbra is also one of five cities to host the European Universities Games. On the list are also Cordoba, Rotterdam, Zagreb and Rijeka that hosted the event together in 2016.

Where are the hosts of next year´s EUG?

Although 10 EUC´s were organized in Serbia, there were no events in the capital city. We wrote that five cities in Serbia had the privilege to host best student-athletes and Belgrade is not on the list yet.

That means that capital city of Serbia will become city number 102 that hosted EUSA event. Chances are that it will be the biggest university sport event ever organized, because more than 6000 athletes are expected. Having in mind that the record so far is over 5000 athletes and 17 Championships (largest number so far), history will be re-written next year.

Belgrade will become the 18th capitol city that hosted best student-athletes all over Europe. Serbia will also confirm the fifth spot with the most EUSA events organized, behind Spain, Croatia, Portugal and Poland. However, next year we expect a warm summer full of excitement at the fifth European Universities Games in Belgrade.