European University Sports Association General Assembly was held in the Portuguese city of Aveiro on Friday September 27. Portuguese University Sports Association (FADU) and University of Aveiro had a spotless organisation of the event

President of EUSA Mr Adam Roczek addressed the attendees and in the name of the organizers that honor had Mr. Daniel Monteiro. Special speech was held by the president of FISU, Mr Oleg Matytsin who praised EUSA and their accomplishments and congratulated two decades of the organization.

Representatives of partner organization also addressed the attendees and that honor had the Vice-Secretary of the Asian University Sports Federation (AUSF), Mr Zhen Shen, Mr Cristian Hinterberger represented the European Fair-Play Movement, and the last was Mr. Stefan Berg, president of the European Non-Governmental Sports Organization.

EUSA Executive Member Mr Bruno Barracosa lead the Assembly and introduced the members of the Assembly and distinguished guest the agenda. EUSA members afterwards voted for the changes of the Statute and the Internal Regulations in order to enhance the representation and stability of the organization, and to allow and promote involvement of both gender in the EUSA governing bodies, as well to define the rights and duties of members and to strengthen the legal frame of EUSA operations.

Due to resignation of the Executive Committee member, Mr. Joerg Foerster was elected as the new member of the Committee in the reigning mandate. Event was concluded with the presentation of the next event that will happen next October in Yerevan, Armenia. President of the Armenian University Sports Association Mr Hovhannes Gabrieylan invited everyone to come and be part of the electoral General Assembly in 2020.