Every year hundreds of Universities from around 40 members of EUSA compete all around Europe in various sports. When the curtain falls on a season full of international competitions someone needs to sum up what was done and to give awards to Universities and National University Sports Associations that were better than others. EUSA gives awards to Best University, and the best and the most active NUSA´s.

Since the first European Universities Games Portugal is dominating the most active NUSA award. In the previous seven years five times award for the most active NUSA went to the Portuguese University Sports Association. The two times that it didn´t happen was in the year of the first and the third European Universities Games, when the award went to hosts – Spain in 2012 and Croatia in 2016. Before that, Russian NUSA was most active in 2011 and AZS from Poland took the award in 2010 and 1999.

Portuguese students beside their presence are also having good results at the competitions and no wonder that University of Coimbra was four times awarded as the best University. Three times in a row they did it from 2010 to 2012 and the last award was won last year. Another University form Portugal (University of Minho) was the best in 2013.

Russian universities are the second at the list as the three universities got the Best University award. Russian State University for Physical Education, Sport and Tourism was best in 2007 and 2008 as the Russian State University for Social Sciences took the award in 2014.

University of Ljubljana (2009), University of Warsaw (2015) and University of Zagreb (2016) won the award once and 2017 was special because that was the first time in the history of EUSA two universities shared the award. Students from University of Bordeaux and from Istanbul Aydin University had identical results and only solution was for both of them to win the award.

Interesting fact is that only three times it happened that the Best NUSA and the Best University award went to the same country. It was Russia (2014), Poland (2015) and Croatia (2016). Poland is first on the list with two more Best NUSA awards (2012 and 2017), and the second place is reserved for the French NUSA as they were best in 2013 and 2018.

Mentioned Universities and NUSA´s had amazing results this year as well and are among the best this year as well and they have to be considered favorites for the three awards at the end of the season. If the predictions become true and European Universities Games in Belgrade really become the biggest EUSA competition ever organized these awards will be more important then ever. We hope that universities from Serbia and the Serbian NUSA can be among the favorites at the end of next season.