Four months remained until the start of the 5th European Universities Games in Belgrade. The biggest sporting event of the year in the region, which will be held from July 12 to July 25, is a real opportunity for Serbia to once again demonstrate its organizational skills when it comes to top sports competitions, but also to raise standards when it comes to the quality of student life in our capital through the organization of the Rector’s Conference and buildings  reconstruction in the Student City.

From the perspective of Media Operations department about work on EUG 2020, we learned from the Head of department, Dusan Zivkovic.

Much has been done in the previous period in all fields of EUG 2020, of which the most recent EUSA supervision has given the best marks. What activities were the focus of the Media department?

  • Media operations are oriented towards operational and logistical support to all accredited media that will be present at the European Universities Games 2020 in Belgrade, and therefore our focus from the very beginning is to create conditions that will facilitate the media when they come to Belgrade, or when the Games begin. In order to cover every aspect of media support, each of the four divisions within department must deliver its maximum and function without fail, wether it is Media Services, Information, Media Facilities or Television and Radio Broadcasting. The activities that these four departments deal with are the main determinant, or as you say, the focus of the Media Operations Department.

The scope of work that your department is dealing with is quite  large. What are the main things you will do before and during the EUG 2020?

– The scope is large, and what we are dealing with before the Games is to prepare and finalize activities that will be implemented just before the start or in the course of the Games. When I say just before the Games, I am referring, first of all, to media accreditation and publications such as the Media Guide, or the Sports Terminology Manual and the Uniform Writing Guide. During the Games, the implementation of the prepared activities will be emphasized, from the transport of the media, through the preparation of the facilities for the media arrival – their zoning, mix zones, interview zones, photo positions, media stands, points for their refreshment, to the positioning of cameras and preparing the broadcasting plan. And now I have listed only part of the activities we will be engaged in. I intentionally left the section of the Information Department, the Games News Agency, whose editorial team will be located in the Sports Village and will publish, in real time, its publications, short statements of participants, have its own portal within the Official Games site in which it will archive photography, giving news from all the play grounds and assisting with the activities of the present media who cannot reach all the play grounds and the media who will not be able to attend the Games to have all the information at their disposal through the Games.

How many people are currently working in Department, and how many will carry the whole project out by July?

– Eight people are currently working in the Media Operations Deparment and will remain so until June. As the Games approach, we will of course need help, so during the Games we will have a total of 46 employees and 168 volunteers to assist employees at each facility and in every segment of the work. 25 young reporters from the EUSA’s “Young Reporters Program” should be added to this number, who will join the Gaming News Agency team after their in-house training, and together with their colleagues will perform all the necessary daily activities to make the Agency work better. Certainly it is a big and complex competition that will bring a new and valuable experience to everyone involved.

Given the experience you have in working at top sports competitions, what kind of Games do you expect to see in Belgrade next summer?

– I do not remember that Serbia has ever organized a bad competition, which is why I am very optimistic about the Games. Knowing my colleagues and the level of professionalism that is in place, I can expect nothing but complete success. I’m sure that after the games they will be talked about as an unforgettable experience – Zivkovic concluded.