State of emergency always brings out some beautiful stories and extraordinary young people. The 5. European Universities Games in Belgrade have been postponed to 2021, still that does not mean that the spirit of the Games will disappear from Serbian capital even for a moment. This is demonstrated day by day by our volunteers, who help where and how much they can to fight the corona virus.

One of them, Mila Vulic, was among the first to respond to the invitation of the volunteer department and a few days ago was declared by the daily Blic as one of the heroes of this state of emergency in Serbia. For a month now, she has been buying the most basic necessities of life for her elderly neighbors. But she is not the only one. Over a hundred volunteers responded to the invitation of the 5. European Universities Sports Games and daily provide support and all necessary assistance to vulnerable persons in Belgrade as well as in some other places in Serbia.

– I honestly believed that the volunteers department would make an invitation to organize and activate, says our and Blic hero Mila Vulic. Bread. Although most people have signed up for some other type of volunteering, I believe it is not difficult for anyone to help in this situation. It’s a confirmation to how good this organization is. On personal initiative, but also motivated by the invitation of this department, in the past few days I have been helping my elderly neighbors. I left them a phone number so they could get help more quickly and not have to call the municipality and the crisis headquarters, but directly me, says Mila Vulic, who was buying the most basic necessities of life for older neighbors.

– Bread, newspapers, what is needed, basic things that people cannot do without – adds a 21-year-old student at the Faculty of Security.

Ksenija Radovic is involved in the daily data input on corona virus patients within the Red Cross Serbia project.

– I first asked how I could help, and thanks to the people of EUG 2020, I came across people from the Red Cross who invited me to work with the virus data. I’m glad to help in any way I can. The moment we have enough time for ourselves, the most important thing is to help people who do not have that freedom. We’ve been working for a couple of weeks now. It’s nice to me, people want to help, I feel like we’re doing something meaningful. Data is collected at three locations in the city, the Institute, Torlak and Batut, depending on what is entering. We apply ourselves for shifts that suit us. It’s all up to us.

Mila and Ksenija emphasize the great support from the 5. European Universities Games volunteer department.

– The cooperation is fantastic. On the one hand, I feel sorry that we will not have the Games in Belgrade this summer, and on the other it is not, considering what all the volunteering on this project can offer. I found out about volunteering at the Games last summer during the European Basketball Championship and honestly could not wait for the entries to open. I have only positive impressions as far as the organization is concerned, people are dedicated, they look at every detail to present the volunteer professionally, and yet in some interesting way. What is expected, what can be contributed and what can be done by participating in the organization of the Games – says Mila, whose words follow Ksenija.

– I was involved in the project even before I officially became a volunteer, since I know people from the organization from some of the previous events that we cooperated on. Secondary students and students, in addition to education, must have some other activities that will set them apart and profile them. By participating in events like this, you are doing something useful and making valuable contacts that will be meaningful to you in the future. The European Universities Games are a great opportunity and a way to spend the summer in one special way. We will not miss it – Ksenija concludes.

Student of the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, Rastko Jaksic (24), at the invitation of the department, has been engaged in several places in the last few days, in the municipality of Vozdovac and the Red Cross of Serbia.

– I was engaged in distributing packages to seniors in the territory of Vozdovac, while working in the Red Cross meant entering test related data. We were told by the volunteers department that they would call us after we accepted the volunteer invitation a few weeks ago. Engagement is not time-limited. There are a lot of young people who want to help, so we switch – says Rastko, who sees volunteering as a chance to help, gain new experiences and meet interesting people.

– I volunteered for Euro-league matches. I am always in the mood for such an engagement, given the Faculty I am studying. I consider volunteering at EUG 2020 as a chance to participate in a major sporting event. I absolutely don’t choose what I’m going to do, because I love sport as a sport. I like to hang out, meet new people, and that is a benefit by itself. It doesn’t have to be financial because if you meet quality people, there will always be a door in life – Rastko makes clear.

Twenty-one-year-old sophomore Nikola Radulovic also believes that volunteering will help others, and him, in life and career:

– I’m always fulfilled if I do something that is productive. We are here to help. It’s always better to do something than sit at home. So, I responded very quickly to my coach’s Facebook post regarding volunteer applying. Through involvement in the Games, I would love to gain work experience and meet quality young people. I entered the world of volunteering by engagement in Olympic basketball women qualifications. Logistics was my part of the job. I expect a great event in our city – concludes Radulovic.