European Universities Championships are on their way and these competitions are a perfect opportunity for organizers of the forthcoming EUG use them to gather valuable experience. That is why EUG 2020 Delegation, lead by Ms. Ana Todorić (Sports Sector), Mr. Sandro Romanić (Accommodation and Catering), Ms. Aleksandra Bućić (Media), Ms. Jelena Možetić (Transport), Mr. Nikola Bilanović and Mr. Miljan Simonović (both IT) spent three days in Slovenian city of Koper where European Water Polo and Beach Volleyball Championships were held.

– It is very significant for us to have an opportunity to meet all the details of organization of European Universities Beach Volleyball Championship. I point that out because we need to build the venue for this competition that is a part of the list of sports we will organize at the fifth European Universities Games in Belgrade from July 12 – 25. Venue for the Beach Volleyball will stay as a legacy of the Games to the City of Belgrade, and we are very proud of it – said Ana Todorić and added:

– We had several really useful meetings with the local organizing committee in Koper, got some extremely valuable information, and also had the chance to see how all accommodation capacities work. Our visit to the competitions like this are valuable, because they give us an insight what shoulg we expect in Belgrade next summer. Without a doubt, this was an excellent preparation, to learn from the experience of others. That is why I am convinced that organization of the fifth European Universities Games will be at the highest level and that all EUSA standards will be respected. – concluded Ana Todorić.