Every time we have major international competitions all eyes are looking at the team and individual efforts of professionals who are best in what they do. However, each year events that also prove professionals at the highest level are left aside. Those that improve themselves in the same time in both sport and academic way.

European Volleyball Championship is a perfect opportunity to see in action players who also participated at the European University Sports Association events. People who love and follow University sports remember Luka Bašić, French national team player and Adis Lagumdžija, Turkish national team player. Guys that undoubtedly represent the future of volleyball were part of teams that won medals at European Universities Volleyball Championships. Luka was part of University Toulouse III – silver medalists from 2017 while Adis is reigning European Universities Champion with University of Beykent.

Luka Bašić

Beykent University faced University of Minho in group stage at this year´s competitions and Portuguese team in their squad had Cunha twins. Bruno and Miguel were best in their team, but they couldn´t outclass team from Turkey and Josip Juraj Strossmayer University from Croatia. That is why they didn´t play in the quarterfinals and had to satisfy themselves with the ninth place.

Same fate a year before had the PXL University College from Belgium that had the Belgium national team player Lienert Cosemans in their squad. They finished group stage with only one victory. Belgium won all matches so far at the European Volleyball Championship.

We have to wait and see who from the stars of today and tomorrow will be present at the next year´s European Universities Games in Belgrade. We are certain that all volleyball lovers will be positively surprised with the quality of volleyball at the EUG 2020.