Student sport is something special. Besides top athletes, every day you can find a story that will inspire you. At first look they seem like normal people, students, but sometimes they hide stories that can make you better yourself. Saška Sokolov doesn´t know boundaries. She represented her faculty at handball and futsal, but people in Serbia know her as a participant at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio.

Student of Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation was born in the City of Pirot, where she made her first sport moves. As a daughter of a football coach, she logically played football first. Unfortunately, in her hometown there was not a female football club at the time and she decided to change the sport and started practicing handball at the ŽRK Pirot. Fact that she was born with disability didn´t slow her down as she became one of best players and scorers in the team.

When she decided to enroll University of Belgrade she moved and decided to dedicate herself to the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation. First she played for the women handball team, and also was in the futsal team. Although she is great at team sports, her biggest achievements were in an individual one.

Queen of sports – athletics – was an opportunity to have new challenges as she started dedicating herself for javelin and shot puts. Previous experience in handball was more than welcomed, and the best way to show the influence were her results. Three months were enough for her to win gold at European Junior Paralympic Championship.

Not long after that she fulfilled her dreams and qualified for the Paralympic Games in Rio 2016. That meant she represented Serbia at the biggest Paralympic sport event. In Rio she proved her enormous potential by finishing sixth among older and more experienced competitors.

Although she didn´t win a medal, she proved that we have to count on her seriously for the Paralympic games in Tokyo next year. And maybe we will have a chance to see her at the European Universities Games in Belgrade next July.