Organization of a sports event is a long and intensive work that requires dedication and hard work. Events like European Universities Games require that you have a team consisted of people with enormous experience in organization, because more than 6000 athletes and over 20 sport events won´t host and coordinate themselves.

As the organization, image that an event leaves in the community will be the thing that will be remembered. Foundation of that image and the entire branding is the logo, and European University Sports Association each year tries to prize the one you think of as the best.

You could say that this year we have the most exciting competition, because we had a historical number of events being organized throughout Europe with 17 visual solutions are competing to be the best.

We hope that you already voted for the one you consider to be the best, and if you didn´t do it so far, you can do it through this link.

European Universities Games that have been organized from 2012 don´t have competition because in that year they are the only EUSA event of the summer. However, this is an amazing opportunity to pay homage to some great graphic design solutions that will stay remembered in the history of University sport.