EUSA Supervision committee president and Executive committee vice-president Mr. Kemal Tamer, praised efforts and development in the organization of the 5th European Universities Games which are scheduled for July 12-25, 2020 in Belgrade. Dean of Faculty of Sport in Istanbul pointed out the experience that the organizing team and city of Belgrade have in organization of the most demanding sporting event in the past.

At the very beginning of the Supervision commission meeting with EUG 2020 in Belgrade, you said that there is no doubt that event will be organized in a good way…

  • This is a sports country. It’s not only about EUG 2020, Serbia as a country has a huge experience in organization of big sports events. People here have experience. You have experienced people in every sport and you are successful at the international level. I believe that everything will be good, there are 21 sports, but all of them will have a personal approach. You have people and facilities, that make everything easy.

How are you satisfied with the conclusions of the meeting?

  • EUSA is very satisfied with what is going on. As we know, there were some delays, but since the Organizing committee was established, it’s going excellent. We have very good communication, everything is done properly, we have good cooperation and work together to make the best possible event.

EUG 2020 will be the perfect chance for promotion of the idea that sports and education have to go together…

  • Of course, sport is a part of education. It is a step in education. Education is more important than winning medals. Actually, this has to be on every level. Everything we are doing, we are doing it for We have to keep that always in our mind.

Which kind of improvements you expect at EUG 2020 in comparison with previous events?

  • For this kind of multiple events, the most important thing is to keep students together. Accommodation is very important. If you have different hotels, they don’t feel the Now, we have same dormitory for all the participants, students will meet each other, feel the atmosphere and find out that they are a part of something big. It is very important that people from different countries and universities spent time together. Facilities are very close to the accommodation, the airport also is close, there are capabilities for a good EUG. I hope it will be one of the best, we are looking forward to it.

How EUSA can progress with the organization of the EUG?

  • EUSA is a young organization, only 20 years old. Good Games help EUSA to grow. Students will understand and respect each other more. I am sure that students will enjoy in Belgrade.