On Monday, March 9th, the Volunteer Department visited the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education in Niš, where was held the general presentation and the first round of selection of volunteers.

In recent years, Niš has developed a great culture of volunteering and we are extremely pleased that the news of volunteering at the 5th European University Games in Belgrade has spread to the youth of Niš, as well as to young people from other cities of Southern Serbia, and that they have applied extensively.

In one day, about one hundred university students and high school students from this part of Serbia passed through the presentation and interview, and in the coming period, we plan to visit other university cities in order to get closer to as many interested volunteers from other cities in Serbia.

We give special gratitude to the Dean of the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, Prof Milovan Bratić, as well as Assistant Professor Nikola Stojanović, who greatly helped with the organization of the presentation and supported in spreading the volunteer spirit among the students of this faculty.