European University Sports Association (EUSA) at the Conference held in the Portuguese city of Aveiro awarded the best from the fourth European universities Games in Coimbra in 2018.

Portugal won three out of four awards that are given annually. Portuguese University Sports Association (FADU) won awards for the most active National University Sports Association (NUSA), while the University that hosted European Universities Games, University of Coimbra, won awards both for the Most Active University and for the Best University at the last year´s EUG. Fourth award for the best NUSA went to the French University Sports Association.

Enno Harms award for fair-play went to the Red Cross of Coimbra for their selflessness shown at the European Universities Games in Coimbra. Also, special awards for the contribution to the organization of the EUG went to Mr. Ricardo Morgado for his dedication and impact to the project.

Four awards were given to the individuals and institutions for their importance to development and promotion of University Sports in Europe 2018.

Awards were given to Mr. Janez Kocijančić, president of the European Olympic Committee, Yves Le Lostecque, Head of the European Commission´s Sports Unit, former rector of University of Coimbra Mr. Joao Gabriel Silva and Amilcar Falcao, president of the Academic Association of Coimbra who received the award in the name of University of Coimbra.

Beside the awards that are given annually, at the end of the second decade of existence of EUSA awards were give also for the best NUSA and for the most successful University in the previous ten years.

German University Association (ADH) won the award for the Most Successful NUSA in the previous decade, in competition with Portuguese and French University Sports Association, as the award for the most successful University stayed in Portugal. University of Minho had a great decade and deserved this prestigious award.

Last, and perhaps the most important award, went to the president of FISU, Mr. Oleg Matytsin, for a great support and dedication to the University sport in the previous decade.